Talent Portfolio Services

All Anchor Background talent MUST be registered with the online portfolio service we use, AgencyPro (AP). Once your AP profile has been reviewed and approved, you might be notified to register with two or more other profile services that are used in the region. If you haven’t yet registered with Anchor Background Talent Representation click here to start. If you’re already have a Anchor Background/AgencyPro portfolio click here to log in, view and/or edit your portfolio.

Make sure your portfolio looks great! 

Double check all resume entries, sizes and other stats. When we find a project match for you, the materials you provide us on any or all of the talent profile services is what will be delivered to our client on your behalf. All of the systems used in the region offer a premium (paid) portfolio service for the actor’s marketing needs. However, the premium profile service available with any of these services is not required in order to find work through Anchor Background.  Each provides a basic profile that will suffice for our submission purposes. Consider upgrading only if and when you are ready to upgrade your marketing presence. For more information on premium profile services, please visit each company’s website.

The minimum you must provide on each site:

1 Headshot, (plus 1 full body shot for sites offering 2 free images.) Click here for more on photography.
Your performance resume. Each site’s data entry system is a little different. Click here for more on resumes.
Your stats: ht, wt, hair, eyes. (be honest)
Your clothing sizes. (Don’t know? Click here.)
Your special skills. Please check off everything/anything you do well.

Once again, if you haven’t yet created your AgencyPro portfolio for Anchor Background Talent Representation click here to start. If you are already registered, be sure to login to update all of your profiles every 6 months.