Extras Photography Notes

Professional images are appreciated, but not at all required for background work. When submitting images for Extra work it is important that the images are current and in color. Please refer to the photo samples provided below as a reference.

You will need to provide one headshot and one full-body shot, and we kindly request that you avoid using selfies. These images must be taken by someone else, and the background should be simple, clean, and well-lit. Natural daylight is preferred, either indoors with good lighting or in a shaded outdoor area without flash.

It’s important that the images are unobstructed and only feature you, without any hats or sunglasses. When choosing your clothing, please wear something casual that showcases your figure and matches your eyes. We also recommend smiling and even laughing a little when taking the photos.

In addition to your headshot, you’ll also need a full-body shot to include in your digital portfolios. Please see the photo samples below as a reference. These images will be used for your Anchor Background/AgencyPro profile and should be 350 pixels in width.

  • 1x Headshot (head and shoulders)
  • 1x Bodyshot (head to toe)
  • At least 350px in width

If you have any further questions or want more information about professional images, please feel free to visit our more expansive photography thoughts at Big Fish NW Talent. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing your submissions!

All combined, the team at Anchor Background has well over 100 years of experience in the industry and are known for their high level of personal service towards both their represented talent and clients they serve.