Extras Handbook

As a valued member of the Anchor Background team, we want to provide you with some important information to help you prepare for your time on set.

First and foremost, please remember that you represent not only yourself but our agency, the local production community and the entire city and state too. Confidentiality is crucial, and any information you receive from us or the production office must remain confidential until after the project is out to the public or you have received permission to share it.

When you commit to working, please be on location at the requested time and stay until you are released. If you have an urgent matter that may affect your ability to be on set, please contact your agent immediately.

If you have been asked to provide wardrobe, please come prepared with three outfit options for each look requested. You should plan to arrive no more or less than 15 minutes early; and bring a bag of essential items such as makeup, mints, contact solution, phone charger, books, medication, and personal snacks.

Please note that food is usually provided but not always, it’s a good idea to bring extra just in case. Your on-set contact will provide you with information throughout the day, and the director will provide instructions when you are called to set.

Remember that you are a professional paid actor and are there to support the scene, so please refrain from distracting the crew. If you have any concerns or issues on set, please alert your agent immediately.

Finally, please have fun! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to our agency, and we look forward to seeing your success. Payment usually takes 30 to 45 days after your shoot date. You will receive notification from our accounting office once payment is ready.

Thank you for being a part of the Anchor Background  team!

All combined, the team at Anchor Background has well over 100 years of experience in the industry and are known for their high level of personal service towards both their represented talent and clients they serve.