Clothing Sizes

Accurate Clothing Sizes are Required

We want to make sure that we get everything right for your upcoming project. In order to do that, we need your clothing sizes to be accurate. If you’re not sure about your sizes, we recommend finding a professional tailor, dry cleaner, tux shop, or a good retail clothier who can help you get accurate measurements. You can also ask someone to assist you with measuring, but please don’t try to do it on your own.

Here’s a guide on how to measure yourself for your clothing sizes:

  • Head/Hat: Measure around the crown of your head, roughly an inch above your ears, as a hat would sit.
  • Neck: Measure at the base of your neck, around the collar area, holding the tape in a ‘v’ just as a collar buttons.
  • Sleeve: Begin at the center of your back, just below your neck, bending your elbow slightly, measure across your shoulder, around your elbow, and down to your wrist.
  • Chest/Bust: Measure all the way around your bust and back, right at the nipple line, and make sure the tape measure is even. Don’t squish!
  • Waist: Bend to the side and put your hand where you bend – this is your natural waist. Measure all the way around at this level. It’s generally the narrowest part of your abdomen.
  • Hips: Measure at the very biggest part, even if it seems a little low.
  • Inseam: Hold the tape measure at the top of your inner thigh (at the crotch) and measure down to your ankle bone (just the top of your foot).

Remember, it’s always better to have someone assist you with measuring to ensure accuracy. We want you to look and feel your best, and having the right sizes will help us make that happen.

Thank you!

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